Bagasse: an eco-friendly material that can replace plastic


As of 2021 and the implementation of the various laws on the banning of single-use plastic, the food containers and packaging used until then will have to change radically to meet the new legislative and ecological standards.


New, more responsible materials are emerging to offer restaurant owners more environmentally friendly alternatives for take-out sales and home deliveries of their dishes: these new packaging solutions are possible thanks to bagasse. We tell you all about this eco-responsible material that revolutionizes packaging.


What is bagasse?


Bagasse is a material that is prized by various industrial sectors and is becoming increasingly popular in the catering industry. But what exactly is bagasse?


During the sugar production process, sugar canes are crushed, which results in two recoverable elements: on the one hand, the cane juice, which will be used to produce sugar, and on the other hand, bagasse, the fibrous residue of the cane composed mainly of cellulose. This material can be used to generate electricity by combustion in thermal power plants. It can also be used as organic fertilizer, or as at Eocrep to make compostable packaging.


In this way, what should have become a simple waste product can be recycled. Crushed sugar cane produces 30% bagasse: all this raw material is therefore very economical, as it comes from the remains of sugar production, and it is much better for the planet as the plant is used in its entirety!


Moreover, sugar cane is a very sustainable crop thanks to its incredible growth: it grows in 18 months maximum, and sometimes several harvests are possible per year, which greatly increases the production possibility of this plant with multiple functions and advantages.


Why did Eocrep choose bagasse as a raw material for its packaging?


Today, bagasse is one of the best alternatives to plastic: packaging made from this material is recyclable and compostable, and can therefore be placed in the yellow bin without food residues. In a "home" compost, bagasse can degrade in only 45 days.


Bagasse is also the ideal material for take-out and home delivery packaging. Eocrep trays are :


  • grease resistant

  • leak-proof and will not be pierced by liquids, nor will they suffer from moisture during transport or storage

  • heat resistant, allowing them to be reheated up to 220°C in a traditional oven or in a microwave oven

  • well fitting lids help keeping the food at temperature, much better than traditional cardboard packaging

  • moisture is absorbed by the box, condensation does not soak the dishes

  • lightweight for easy transport and delivery



So many good reasons to switch to these more environmentally friendly packages, which participate in the circular economy and significantly reduce plastic.

Make the transition now with Eocrep, and your customers will appreciate this initiative for a more responsible way of consumption!