Training for fast food and take-out in France: the best programs and where to look for financial aid.


There are many different schools and courses available today to train in the hotel and restaurant business, but given the current conditions, many are leaning towards training for the fast food market. The latter lends itself very well to the demands of take-out, which will remain an important habit among consumers. Here is an overview of the best training schools, to help you make your choice!


The best schools in France to train in the restaurant business: from creperie to pizzeria


You want to train in the fast food business, after your studies or as part of a career reconversion , but you don't know which specialization to choose or which school to attend? Or do you want to offer new products to your customers? Whether you want to make crepes, ice cream or pizza, you have many choices. At Eocrep, we recommend three schools that stand out for their teaching methods and know-how.


  • The EMC² school, between passion and transmission of know-how: initially specialized in creperie, this school located in Rennes now offers initial training courses in creperie and pizzeria, as well as numerous thematic courses for beginners or experienced cooks, such as salad making, gluten-free cooking or even snacking trends. These thematic courses take place over 3 or 4 days in small groups, in order to train you efficiently to current trends and demands, and to allow you to diversify your offer. Consult the training program here !


  • L'École des chefs, specialized training and help in concept development: this school accompanies its trainees from the research and selection of suppliers to the creation of their own establishment, including, of course, the preparation of different dishes and desserts. Here four training courses are offered: crepe , pizza , ice cream and jam. Training courses from 4 days to two weeks, make sure that you leave with all the tools you need to start your own business. See more about L'Ecole des chefs here.


  • L'atelier de la crêpe, exclusively specialized in the art of the crêperie, this school based in Saint-Malo and its teachers adapt to the level of each student, for professional trainings which transmit the technical know-how in an enjoyable atmosphere. Between practical cases, simulations in restaurants and case studies, L'atelier de la crêpe stands out as one of the best schools for training in the traditional craft of crepe making. It offers a two-week training on the fundamentals of crepe making, and a more complete 6-week training with 2 weeks in a restaurant. It is also possible to participate in discovery workshops, which can be booked directly on their website here

  • GI Formations offers themed training in the food service industry. As an independent trainer, GI Formations can come to your company and offer you customized training in the fields of Creperie, Pizzerie, Snacking, Waffling, Fresh Pasta and Salad making. For more information, please visit their website : here


How can I get financial help in France for my training?

Whether you are retraining, looking for a job or are already employed or running your own restaurant, there are several ways to get financial help for your training:

- The professional training account: well known by employees, this account is fed throughout your professional life and allows you to train with a significant financial aid. Check your training rights on the government's dedicated website.

- For job seekers, the Pôle Emploi aid: during your period of unemployment, you can ask for a training for a reconversion or a perfecting of your knowledge. For example, the EMC² school can be supported by the Pôle Emploi under certain conditions, and can be referenced by professional financing organizations.

- For company managers and self-employed workers: the training can be covered by the Training Insurance Fund according to your situation (Agefice or FAFCEA).

Whatever your situation, don't forget to apply for funding well in advance. It often takes several weeks to access the funds and send them to the place where you want to train.

So whether it's to train initially or to acquire new skills to keep up with trends and offer your customers delivery-ready novelties, don't hesitate to check your training entitlements and choose courses that will help you achieve your goals!