Going into take-away


We have collected a few thoughts from our customers, who have managed to set up the take-away sale, to share with you here. However, before embarking on take-away, you are strongly advised to check whether your lease allows you to engage in this activity. If this is not clearly stated, ask your landlord for authorisation.



Communication is essential and must be addressed to both those who use digital technology easily and those for whom the Internet is still a mystery.

  • Make yourself visible through posters, easels, totems or banners.

  • distribution of flyers or posters, use of authorised display areas (e.g. on supermarket blackboards)

  • inscriptions on local applications or on the sites of town halls / tourist offices / your professional federation

  • communicate regularely on social networks such as FaceBook and Instagram or on your own website.



Stampable loyalty cards are a bit old-fashioned. Customers are looking for a more immediate and fun reward. For example :

  • Print a QR-code on your posters / flyers, which entitles to a small reward. This can be a discount on their order or a small gift (1 free coffee, or an extra ingredient, or a small taste-bite).

  • a voucher for the next order (example: for two galettes purchased offer a butter-sugar crêpe)

  • Add a small tasting gift to the order. Customers appreciate the gesture and will probably order “their discovery” with their next order.

  • To "smooth out" the lunch or dinner rush, offer a "happy hour" (with a small discount on the price) for orders collected at the slowest moments of the day



  • Choose ingedients that can withstand transport and possible heating.

  • Reduce your card to better manage your stocks. Introduce a "galette du jour" which changes every week.



Delivery: a delivery service, offered by the point of sale or an external service provider (such as an aggregator such as Deliveroo, Just Eat or Uber Eats), brings the order to the location indicated by the end customer (e.g. at work, at home, in another location, etc.).

" click & collect ": the end customer orders his meal on the Internet (application) and chooses the times for collecting his order. The point of sale provides often a special collection point for on-line orders (a separate counter), which makes the purchasing process more fluid. The order is usually prepaid online.

Here are a few examples of sites that offer "click&collect" apps







You can find some government'al recommendations here :




For any question or suggestion, you can reach us under +33 (0)7 62 14 22 70 or info@eocrep.com.

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Sonja Braguier